Bachelorette Beauty Scoop: Why Desiree Hartsock’s Mascara Doesn’t Run When She Cries

Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock
If you haven’t spent Monday nights for the last 26 (!) combined seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette glued to your television, congratulations (seriously, how do you resist?). But if you were watching The Bachelorette last week, then there’s a good chance you were crying your eyes out right alongside Desiree Hartsock, who got rejected by Brooks in one of the realest moments of the show’s history. For those of you who aren’t as obsessed as I am, a brief recap: Desiree has been ready to wed Brooks practically since day one, but he has never been all in. In part one of the finale last week, he told her he was leaving the show because he couldn’t see himself proposing—and then, perhaps in an effort to get him to stay, she told him she loved him (that’s the first time a bachelorette has said those three words before the Final Rose). Cue the emotional breakdown.

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