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Eyelash Extensions B4 and After


The photo on the left is one of the clients that was at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa today.  The one on the right was done by a competitor and featured on their webpage as an “Amazing” and “Glamorous” individual eyelash extension set.  If the offer sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is.

You be the judge.  For the best eyelash extensions in San Antonio contact us at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa or 210-446-0903

Antioxidants and free radicals: what are they?

As skin health professionals, we know how vitally important daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is to the overall health of our skin. We also know that no SPF can protect the skin from 100% of the harmful UVA/UVB rays emitted from the sun, meaning the skin can fall victim to free radical damage. But what, exactly, are free radicals?

Free radicals cause oxidative stress, which can occur due to internal or external factors and disrupt the homeostasis within the skin. Radicals are molecules or ions with an unpaired electron. The unpaired electron is what causes oxidative stress, and contributes to aging and disease. Free radical formation is actually a part of the normal cell metabolism that occurs within our cells’ mitochondria.

External sources, however, can send this normal function into hyperactive mode, wreaking havoc on the health of the skin.

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Although our body produces its own antioxidants internally, supplementation and topically applied antioxidants are still necessary for optimal skin health — which is why integrating antioxidants into daily care regimens is imperative.

If understanding what a free radical is wasn’t enough, there are also three levels of antioxidant function: primary antioxidants, secondary antioxidants and co-antioxidants. Primary antioxidants function by donating an electron to disable the free radical from further damage. Secondary antioxidants chelate metal ions that are rich with electrons; metal ions are capable of triggering oxidation by donating or taking an electron, and secondary antioxidants eliminate the potential radical initiators by removing or chelating the metals. Co-antioxidants facilitate the antioxidant function of other compounds.

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Where Can I go for Eyelash Extensions in San Antonio TX?


Question: Where Can I go for Eyelash Extensions in San Antonio TX?

Need Eyelash Extensions in the San Antonio, TX, area and not sure where to go? Many people believe that the only place to get a Eyelash Extensions in San Antonio is a nail salon or that spa with the full page ad in the newspaper, magazine or TV Ads.

Those Eyelash Extensions might be the best in town, but how can you be sure? There must be other Eyelash Extensions options in San Antonio, right?

Answer: There are many spas in the San Antonio, TX, area that offer lash extensions and you should make your choice based on recommendations from satisfied local customers.

Choose the best Eyelash Extensions in San Antonio, TX.

With so many lash extension options in San Antonio, TX, how do you decide where to get a Eyelash Extensions when you want one?

In my experience, positive referrals to a spa from previous customers is the very best indication that you will get great service too.

Schedule an appointment for Eyelash Extensions with Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa, in San Antonio TX or contact them for more information on San Antonio Eyelash Extensions.  210-446-0903

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