Sticker Shock: Three Tips for Applying Nail Wraps on Short Nails

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when Karen looks down at her hands and proclaims, “My nail beds suck!”? Well, me too, Karen, me too. I was genetically cursed with short, stubby nails, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that manicurists have looked at them and laughed uncomfortably. But after much trial and error, I can say I’ve picked up a few tricks, including how to apply nail wraps to short nails without embarrassment. Read on.

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Amanda Seyfried Shows Us How to Break Out of Our Summer Beauty Rut

Amanda Seyfried's changing makeup look
In the summer, it’s easy to fall into beauty repetition—whatever’s fast, simple, and won’t come undone in a sticky subway station is fine by me. But it’s also incredibly boring. That’s why I was so excited to see not one but two summer hair and makeup ideas to steal from Amanda Seyfried this week. And the best part? She managed to wear them both in 24 hours.

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Cult Object: Prada’s Tough Soles

cult object black prada pazzolato leather lug sole shoe
Though I want to shout at the top of my lungs, “We still have one more month of summer!” I know the inevitable is coming. And accessories are the perfect way to start the transition into fall. This leather Prada platform would be killer paired with tights and a pencil skirt once the temperature drops, but it’s strappy-ness and open toe work perfectly right now. (Pazzolato leather shoes, price upon request.)

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Les Nouvelles Esthetiques: March 2013


Narande Spa (located in Tempe, Arizona) is selected as “Spa of the Month” in the March 2013 edition of LNE & Spa.  Narande Spa at the Buttes, a Marriott Resort, is an intimate spa that creates an experience of renewal and relaxation for individuals and groups in a breathtaking setting in the heart of the valley all while using Skin Script professional and retail products.

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